September 2020
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web-based MS SQL administration tool for MSSQL server 2012

While I’m setting up a Windows 2012 server for a small .Net project, I have a need of providing MSSQL server 2012 Express access to Developers. Following are the options normally a admin will do,

1. Create a normal user having Remote Desktop access and provide SQL user account. 2. Open Remote MSSQL server access […]

Configuring reverse proxy on IIS7

One of my task requires to publish a web application which running on a diff. port need to be accessed from outside but securely. Most of the people simply open the application port added in firewall to get this done. Unfortunately my requirement does not allow to do that.

So I need to use […]

Enable Remote Connections on MS SQL Server

Some of the cases, you may need to enable remote MSSQL connectivity as certain desktop or other web application which hosted on different network want to access a common database. So the best part is, you need to identify the IP or Network range of remote host which you need to allow database access and […]

MSSQL – Transferring ownership of a table

Got another issue with the MSSQL migration.

I have restored the MSSQL 2005 database from one hosting company to another hosting. Then I modify the web.config to make the changes. But the site is not connecting even though all the access details are correct

< add name="ConnString" connectionString=";Database=mydatabase;User ID=myusername;Password=mypassword;Trusted_Connection=False;"/>

After few discussion with the […]