August 2020
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Installing Mongodb PHP extension in Ubuntu/CentOS Linux

One of the new projects using Mongodb as database for push notification and it’s library support to be enabled on the PHP as well. After googling, it is found that we can get the mongodb php driver from the GitHub repository and we need to install manually.

Then only challenge I’m facing is, My server […]

MySQL : Improving performance through thread_cache_size

We can improve the MySQL server performance at the best level if it is being used for read operations most of the time. Based of the Database server analysis, it is observed that more than 70% of traffic is being used “select” statements ie read operations. So I increased the “query_cache_size” and found faster throughput […]

How do I enable huge TLB on MySQL server

To get maximum hardware acceleration via reducing Tranaction Lockside Buffer (TLB) ie Applications that perform a lot of memory accesses may obtain performance improvements by using large pages due to reduced Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) misses.

Here is the quick guide to setup this one for a single core 3.7G RAM AWS instance for […]

RDS- MySQL : How do I find the database size and bigger tables

I have to know the disk consumed by the MySQL data on a RDS server hosted in Amazon cloud. One of the easy thing which I used was PhpMyAdmin UI and check the tables brief list. Unfortunately this database has more than 500 tables. So I feel it’s a lazy approach.

When I started […]

How do I convert all MyISAM tables to InnoDB storage engine

One of my client needs to improve the sql query performance as well as to gain better performance on his platform. So I’m planning to convert all the 543 tables to convert InnodDB storage engines to use the 15GB RAM added to the server. It’s very hard to execute the “ALTER TABLE <table _name> ENGINE […]

InnoDB: The error means mysqld does not have the access rights to

I’m migrating my CentOS 6.4 Desktop to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on this week as I found that CentOS 7 was not much Great that I expected. It does not support aged hardwares.

While I’m changing MySQL data directory to a different location and initializing the server. I got a strange error like this “InnoDB: […]