November 2020
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Elastic BeansTalk : Rails deployment using PostgreSQL back end.

Elastic BeanTalk is a cool,easily and scalable deployment tool for deploying any applications. This would be a simple administrative approach to scale up servers to N.. numbers. ie if you are working on a long term product type business, you can try this feature or you can use the application which will have short term […]

PostgreSQL installation, Configuration and Administration

PostgreSQL is an open source database released under the PostgreSQL license. This license allows for the free use and distribution of the PostgreSQL software for any reason. After few years back, I got a chance to setup a PostgreSQL server (one enterprise-class open source database) for an upcoming Rails project. I had worked with PostgreSQL7 […]

PosgreSQL administration

Here are some posgresql administrative commands,

1, Connecting a database

#psql  -h localhost -p 5432 postgres "admin"

which connect the user ‘posgres’ with ‘admin’ as password. 2. Create a user from psql console

postgres=# CREATE USER luntbuild;

3. Change the password of the user

 postgres=# ALTER USER luntbuild PASSWORD ‘luntbuild

‘; 4, Create database […]

How do I install postgresql manually


As of most operating system comes along with their own package repositories with the stable version of each packages. So that we can easily install it either using apt or yum.

Standard installation of PostgreSQL. 1.

# apt-get install postgresql*

(Debain/Ubuntu) 2.

# yum install postgresql*

( RHEL/Fedora/Centos)

Here I am listing manual installation […]

Memory inspection

A, Cheking memory size and avialbale ususge

$free -m

B, What is the maximum RAM supported by the system?


dmidecode -t 16

C, How many memory slots are available for expansion? $ dmidecode -t 17 | grep Size

D, Detailed memory information

$ cat /proc/meminfo

Useful PostgreSQL Commands

This scripts will create postgres database with specified owner and resore a sql dump in to it

#The super user postgres login along woth the password ‘admin’ in psql console

$psql -h localhost -p 5432 <postgres> “admin”

#creating a database named ‘testdb’

postgres=# CREATE USER testuser;

postgres=# ALTER USER testuser PASSWORD ‘letmein’;

#create a database […]