November 2020
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How do I enable TLS on postfix mail server

One of the clients complaints me that they are getting warning on the email those sent to domain. They are using 25 smtp port to send email using sql based mail server. So anybody in between the network can tap the email content since it been send through non-encrypted emails.

So my plan […]

Configure Postfix relay server using Amazon SES

Recently I had a requirement to provide a which sent from a server should be reached in user INBOX. certain emails were not been go through the Google App email list. As far as I can see that, the application uses standalone smtp installed on the hosted server which ip/network was not been added in […]

WHM/Cpanel : Configure SMTP relay server on EXIM

Yesterday one of my friend was called me and asked for a support to fix email sending issue from Godaddy VPS server. As I know Godaddy put very great efforts to keep their ip reputation over the web. So they used to block sending out emails from their network even it for dedicated hosting or […]

How do I monitor uptime of my bulk smtp server externally

Here is my challenge, I have configured a highly reputed email server using Postfix MTA for sending bulk emails. So it’s a crucial for us to monitor the uptime of this service. So I decided to use nagios system to verify the SMTP authentication in 3 mts interval along with 2 failure checks and can […]

Bash : Find the MX records details of a domain name from a file list

Prior to setup a Namse server setup using powerDNS. I want to know whether the domain names are using any external smtp servers or Not. It’s because, If they are using external smtp, I need to contact those customer as well as create the DNS, MX records ass well.


I have given a […]

Adding Multiple SMTP servers : Customizing selector on OpenDKIM

Recently one of my friends is setting up mutliple outbound SMTP servers for his project. But He does not have enough domain access and his primary domain is already being using another DKIM Keys (default._domainkey) for business email purpose.

His challenge is to seup another trusted outbound email server without affecting the primary Email configuration.