September 2020
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WHM/Cpanel : Configure SMTP relay server on EXIM

Yesterday one of my friend was called me and asked for a support to fix email sending issue from Godaddy VPS server. As I know Godaddy put very great efforts to keep their ip reputation over the web. So they used to block sending out emails from their network even it for dedicated hosting or […]

Bash : Find the MX records details of a domain name from a file list

Prior to setup a Namse server setup using powerDNS. I want to know whether the domain names are using any external smtp servers or Not. It’s because, If they are using external smtp, I need to contact those customer as well as create the DNS, MX records ass well.


I have given a […]

Mail server : EXIM monitoring email activity

1. How to count the queued email.

root@cpanel01 [~]#  exim -bpc 98


2. print the email details in the queue

root@cpanel01 [~]# exim -bp | more 62h  2.8K 1VJnPT-0000Mg-BC <>  62h  2.8K 1VJnUZ-0000gu-1E <>  62h  2.9K 1VJnUZ-0000ht-MK <>       […]

WHM/Cpanel : Disable “Authenticate POP before SMTP”

This is the default behavior of email server settings on WHM/Cpanel servers and probably there is no impact on customers those who are using outlook or other MUA agent to check mail in most of the time. But you can not send email when you try to use the smtp account in programs created on […]

Exim :- Useful administrative commands

Most of the Whm/Cpanel based servers are using exim as MTA which has flexible spam filter and support virtual domain and users.

1. Print a count of the messages in the queue: #exim -bpc

  root@web-012 [~]# exim -bpc    1

2. Print a listing of the messages in the queue #exim -bp

  root@web-012 […]