October 2020
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Enabling multiple SMTP ports on Postfix email server

One of my friends who working on a persoanl project have the issue with sending email from his home internet connection. Most of the ISP’s will block the external/outbound access towards the smtp port[25] in their firewall to avoid spamming and increase the IP reputation of their network.

Even though it is a good […]

Postfix : Quick setup of authenticated SMTP server

Today one of my friends asked me to provide information/assistance to how to setup authenticated smtp server for sending email remotely. He is planning to use this server as a bulk email marketing server.

Here is the easy setup to configure an authenticated SMTP server within 10 minutes. Here I’m using system user account to […]

Mail server : EXIM monitoring email activity

1. How to count the queued email.

root@cpanel01 [~]#  exim -bpc 98


2. print the email details in the queue

root@cpanel01 [~]# exim -bp | more 62h  2.8K 1VJnPT-0000Mg-BC <>  62h  2.8K 1VJnUZ-0000gu-1E <>  62h  2.9K 1VJnUZ-0000ht-MK <>       […]

Google Apps v/s : Get 500 mails box free


Recently I came to know that MicroSoft start to offering free email related services for a domain with free of cost. The same way that Google had launched “Google Apps” which was free to 250 emails at initial time. But now Google completely stopped that service 🙂 when Microsoft started 🙂 ..

However […]

Qmail : Removing emails from queue having the specified Subject

One system has mis-configured to send tons of emails though an application and few 1000 emails are already had added in queue along with other genuine emails. So my task is to remove theses unwanted emails which containing the specified subject.

my email server is Qmail which is an excellent mail server for sending bulk […]

Plesk : Adding multiple smtp port

It’s a common scenario, ISP is blocking all the outgoing access to the standard smtp port (25) for home internet users. This mostly done for reducing spam emails send from home hosted smtp servers. However it’s a good defense for spammers and would help to increase the ISP IP reputation.

However it may cause […]