October 2020
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Postfix : Quick setup of authenticated SMTP server

Today one of my friends asked me to provide information/assistance to how to setup authenticated smtp server for sending email remotely. He is planning to use this server as a bulk email marketing server.

Here is the easy setup to configure an authenticated SMTP server within 10 minutes. Here I’m using system user account to […]

Verifying the Email server reputation : RDNS, SPF and DKIM Keys

Recently I’d setup a bulk email server using Postfix MTA and optimize the postfix variables for huge email delivery. I uses sql based database for storing smtp logins. So that we can use this server to send bulk email from anywhere like does. My Major setup including the following area,

1. SQL based […]

OpenDKIM : Configuring DKIM keys on Postfix

This is a email technology which signs each of your emails send through your SMTP. This signing process would help to identify genuinity of your emails since it was easy to verify by your receiver SMTP to have a valid DKIM check before classifying your mail either spam,phishing or impersonated one etc.

How DKIM key […]

Retriving postfix admin password, Identify the webserver name ?

Here is the little tweak to retrieve the password of postfixadmin account. Even though I’m fully unaware about the logins that had setup at the initial time. Not good in tracking password files. New requirement is to add a new domain and only a SUPER user (which is created at the time of postfixadmin install) […]

Postfix : piping all mails to custom script

One of the project requires dynamic email account creation and pickup the attachment coming to their mailboxes from the application.

I have sex mx and spf record to my testing server and prepared postfix to access the mails from my testing domain. Now all the mails reached to users home directory and I want to […]

How do I configure SQL based mail server in Linux

Here I’m going to setup a sql based mail server which can be easily backed and manageable through any of the programming language.

Advantages 1. Can be easily transferable 2. Can integrate mail service with our web applications 3. Easy to backup and accommodate any number of domains/users as long as you grow 4. Secured […]