January 2021
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Qmail : Removing emails from queue having the specified Subject

One system has mis-configured to send tons of emails though an application and few 1000 emails are already had added in queue along with other genuine emails. So my task is to remove theses unwanted emails which containing the specified subject.

my email server is Qmail which is an excellent mail server for sending bulk […]

Plesk : Adding multiple smtp port

It’s a common scenario, ISP is blocking all the outgoing access to the standard smtp port (25) for home internet users. This mostly done for reducing spam emails send from home hosted smtp servers. However it’s a good defense for spammers and would help to increase the ISP IP reputation.

However it may cause […]

Disabling email service for a domain in Plesk

Scenario :

Website is hosted on a dedicated server with Plesk installed and email service is hosted somewhere.

Problem :

When we send email to the hosted domain like we have created website domain.tld using plesk and created few account to send email from the dedicated server. We can send email to any outside […]

Plesk – qmail sending the mails from localhost.localdomain

Yesterday I have issue with plesk mail. During the nagios setup on a pleask installed server, I noticed that all the mails which generated from the console showing the suffix localhost.localdomain. Hence it caught moved to spam mail.

My trails are,

1. First checking the mx records properly point to the server 2. Check the […]