November 2020
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How do I enable apc php extension on Centos

There is 2 ways to install.

1. Download the apc source code from the pear library and install. 2. Using pear to install apc (easy way)

Ensure that pear is there, if not execute #yum install php-pear pear will be installed along with the php installation from the source.

#pecl install apc

echo “” > […]

Error 1114: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.

use command

C:InetpubAdminScriptsadsutil.vbs set /MSFTPSVC/PassivePortRange "5500-5525"

do not use starting port < 5500 this will create the above error

MSSQL – Transferring ownership of a table

Got another issue with the MSSQL migration.

I have restored the MSSQL 2005 database from one hosting company to another hosting. Then I modify the web.config to make the changes. But the site is not connecting even though all the access details are correct

< add name="ConnString" connectionString=";Database=mydatabase;User ID=myusername;Password=mypassword;Trusted_Connection=False;"/>

After few discussion with the […]

How do I install postgresql manually


As of most operating system comes along with their own package repositories with the stable version of each packages. So that we can easily install it either using apt or yum.

Standard installation of PostgreSQL. 1.

# apt-get install postgresql*

(Debain/Ubuntu) 2.

# yum install postgresql*

( RHEL/Fedora/Centos)

Here I am listing manual installation […]

Windows ftp backup scheduler

This simple ftp script will help you upload files to remote ftp location and able to use it as scheduler in windows.

Suppose we have remote windows 2003 server

For doing this we need 2 component.

1. Ftp.exe ( copy the ftp.exe from windows xp which support upload more than 2 GB on a single […]

How to setup customize nagios servers for different clients


This is my basic idea about controlled, manageable and isolated nagios interface for different client using a nagios server. Infra structures. 1. 2 windows servers ( nagios host) a. install nsclient application from and enable nrpe/nsclient except wmichecks. “allowed_hosts= b, If you are enabled windows firewall, pls open the port 5666 and 12489 […]