November 2020
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OpenDKIM : Configuring DKIM keys on Postfix

This is a email technology which signs each of your emails send through your SMTP. This signing process would help to identify genuinity of your emails since it was easy to verify by your receiver SMTP to have a valid DKIM check before classifying your mail either spam,phishing or impersonated one etc.

How DKIM key […]

How do I install SSL on Glassfish server

The following steps will help you to install SSL certificate on Glassfish web server which is a free community edition web sever from Sun Microsystems.

a. Generating private key using keytool

This step will create a private key pair stored in a file named “keystore.jks” encrypted using a password. Private key associate with certain information […]

SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length

I got the following error during Godaddy ssl setup on one of my client server. I refers Godaddy’s ssl documentation for creating CSR and installing SSL. I can easily able to generate and complete the SSL certificates to be issued. But it seems than Godaddy ssl installation steps missed a step which shooting me an […]

Godaddy : Setting php varibles on IIS7 hosting

Yesterday I had requirement to change/modify certain php variable in Godaddy’s windows hosting. As far as familiar with Godaddy Linux hosting I know the both “php5.ini” file would work for the all the shared hosting. After modifying(created new file and aded entries) the php5.ini, the codignater site(which using php mssql extension) began to stop working.


Godaddy hosting : Setting values on php varible

How do I change the default values set on my Godaddy’s shared hosting.

I had tried to change the values by modifying .htaccess and the php.ini file placed on the hosting root. But nothing found to be worked.

Godaddy suggesting me to use the “php5.ini “ copied on your hosting root rather than “php.ini”. I […]