November 2020
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How to pull single table data from full database backup file.

At some time, you would ask to restore a particular table from a full backup. So you have to follow the below steps. 1. Request backup team to provide the backup 2. Decompress the backup. 3. Move the file to target server. 4. Restore entire backup which take long time based of the volume. 5. […]

How to create keystore/jks file from SSL certifcate and Private key

Recently I had a challenge to install SSL certificate on Java based web server. The customer has certificate file, CA bundle and private key file. During the Googling it is found that we can not generate JKS file directly from the given certificate and private key file. JKS/keypair creation procedure are showing below,

1. Generate […]

Funny hacks which observed recently

I had two incidents those are reporting some malfunction with their platform. The best one which I found that a Google App account hack.

Incident A

Once customer complaint that he does NOT receiving any emails on his Google account even though he could able to login and send emails from the web interface […]

Ubuntu 14.04 : Setting up vFTPd server easily

I have an urgent requirement to setup a ftp server on one the Ubuntu desktop for a interim solution. I have installed vsftpd easily using apt command and started it.

root@web-119:/etc/apt# apt-get install vsftpd root@web-119:/etc/apt# netstat -anlp | grep "21" tcp        0      0             […]

WHM/Cpanel : Configure SMTP relay server on EXIM

Yesterday one of my friend was called me and asked for a support to fix email sending issue from Godaddy VPS server. As I know Godaddy put very great efforts to keep their ip reputation over the web. So they used to block sending out emails from their network even it for dedicated hosting or […]

How to avoid unknown security logic flow in Web application

MySQL security flow

Recently I had to work with a HIPPA complaint project and so we will be more conscious about web and application security. I have covered the server security by limit the public access port and installation certain tools like apf, bfd to avoid Web DDoS attack and will be easy since […]