September 2020
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Apache : proxy: HTTP: disabled connection for,Permission denied: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to

I’m setting up GitLab for one of my friend on CentOS 6.5 Server. Installations are went through smoothly and I could able to run gitlab service. But it does not showing up on GitLab site over Apache portal and displaying “503 “Service temporarily unavailable” error in Firefox.

After analyzing Apache logs (/var/log/httpd/error) I have […]

Enabling Wifi-Mobile connectivity on Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop

I wish to try Ubuntu latest edition as I feel it’s a good platform to probe most of my hardware without any much suffering. I had tried CentOS [My favorite Linux] for few years. But it does not take my Wi-fi as I’ve no other choice to have internet connection at home.

Also my […]

How do I Install Skype on CentOS 6 [64 bit]

I’m in the process of building new CLONE desktop for web development Team using the latest RedHat distro. I got the following error while I’m executing skype from their static build distribution. My OS is CentOS 6.4 64 bit.

bash: /usr/bin/skype: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory

After few attempt and blog […]

How do I check my hardware is Red Hat supported one ?

Recently I’d a requirement to up-grade few workstations since all the old hardware does not support RAM more than 4GB. It’s because we will not get DDR2 4GB RAM easily in market. Also I’m looking for suitable Intel chipset which support CentOS/RedHat

So I’m started hunting on Intel website to get Linux supported hardware. […]

Linux : How do I overwrite the files using cp command

Most of the time, you may need to overwrite the existing files in the huge folder whenever a new release or updates are published. And this may occur certain situation and I got the prompt to delele each files inside that folder which contains thousands of files. I’m lazy to press “y” to delete all […]

Plesk 8x :- Upgrading php 5.1.6 to php 5.2

One of my client had a aged Plesk Linux server ( CentoS 5 Base) which is running with old packages of PHP. I’ve provided Plesk admin control panel and identified that it is using Plesk 8.1 Version which does not have enough features listed in once after you Googled for Php up-gradation and Plesk site […]