October 2020
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TOP : To Know better about System resources and server load

Some while ago, I’m facing a performance related issues on a server as it is showing server load high and MySQL performs badly. After the quick look, I found that server load is bit of high but handy even though MySQL response gets badly affected.

So I had asked to check wheather it’s something […]

PHP Warning: require_once(): Unable to allocate memory for pool

After enabling APC cache on one of the WordPress hosting, I got such errors displayed in application area.After the first lokk, it’s been identified that it is something related to memory pool allocation towards the application area.

What I found was,

I had set apc.shm_size to it’s default value 32Mb which will be filled up […]

NGINX : www redirection

Here are the simple Nginx rewrite rule to redirect all non www traffic to www domain.

# enforce www (exclude certain subdomains) #if ($host !~* ^(www|subdomain)) #{ #   rewrite ^/(.*)$ $scheme://www.$host/$1 permanent; #}

I took it from here as I see it’s the first blog I see the most of theNginx re-write rules.

Useful commands to find the hacker programs and OS behavior

Recently I got an opportunity to work with certain hacked servers which is compromised due to poor administration. As we know Heartbleed. shellshock and poodle attack are come out recently.

1. Heartbleed vulnerability — due to buggy Openssl relase – resolved by updating the package to latest 2. Shellshock : a buggy and hidden […]

IPTables : How do I block access from a country

Recently one of the server was attempted to hack from various countries especially from Ukranine, France and China even though all our customers are located in US. So we do not need to open the web access to any of these countries as they are not belonging to our customer region.

After a few Google […]

PHP – How do I enable IDN library support in Curl

While on migrating a server to AWS platform, DevOPs complaint me that they are been used a a graph which will shows a graph based on the Google analytics data was not working on the new server. Based on the earlier requirement given by them was enable “Openssl” support on curl in order to work. […]