November 2020
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Collecting the JVM data for identifying the bottleneck

WE all are developing jave application for various area as it is one of the secure and non-hackle platform. So it’s consider is most secured programming platform to choose. Here One of our servers went heavily loaded and we did not find any specific reasons to happen this. At the same time observed the CPU […]

How do I install mod_jk on Apache 2.4 webserver

Today I got a task to host java application on a AWS Linux server. While I’m installing Apache, I found that Apache 2.2 is outdated and it does not have capabilities binding multiple SSL in a single elastic IP ( My projects having 4 SSL sites) and hence I can not use Apache 2.2 on […]

Running multiple Glassfish instances in a server

One of the client to want to use 3 Glassfish environment for his Dev,QA and UAT purpose. He does not wish to pay separate servers for these low priority application roles.

System requirements

1. Have more RAM (16GB is fine) and medium computing power 2. 3 static IP for 3 environments 3. Glassfish installation.


JVM : (Too many open files)

Recently we had hit a rare error in one of the nodes in production. This error throws out from JVM and displayed through the Glassfish server.

This is because too many file descriptors’re opened by Glassfish. File descriptor can be limited in both system level and shell level.

To check maximum number of fd […]

JVM Monitoring tool : JTop

Here another informative software tool for monitoring JVM statistics using JDK tools. We can get it from demo folder in JDK bundle (C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_14\demo\management).This is the nice tool I found to monitor and identify the JVM threshold value on peak hours.

How to launch JTop

 Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft […]