October 2020
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MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) : How to Backup and Restore a DB server

We are maintaining a huge MySQL database server which having more than 3TB data. It’s very had for us to backup, move and restore those databases from one host to another or once network to another due to size constrains. Moreover any of these activities would be involved lots of time and work precision during […]

Collecting the JVM data for identifying the bottleneck

WE all are developing jave application for various area as it is one of the secure and non-hackle platform. So it’s consider is most secured programming platform to choose. Here One of our servers went heavily loaded and we did not find any specific reasons to happen this. At the same time observed the CPU […]

How to create keystore/jks file from SSL certifcate and Private key

Recently I had a challenge to install SSL certificate on Java based web server. The customer has certificate file, CA bundle and private key file. During the Googling it is found that we can not generate JKS file directly from the given certificate and private key file. JKS/keypair creation procedure are showing below,

1. Generate […]

Ubuntu 14.04 : Setting up vFTPd server easily

I have an urgent requirement to setup a ftp server on one the Ubuntu desktop for a interim solution. I have installed vsftpd easily using apt command and started it.

root@web-119:/etc/apt# apt-get install vsftpd root@web-119:/etc/apt# netstat -anlp | grep "21" tcp        0      0             […]

Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator

I had setup a normal user account on one of local Linux server few years before. When I’m trying to ssh to that server, I’m getting “Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator”. I did not set any password expiration when I’m creating this user account. So I think system using default account […]

How do I enable mbstring on RedHat 6.4 (Santiago)

I was trying to setup PMA access on one the RedHat server I have. When I execute the command #yum list php*. it does not list php-mbstring package and showing very limited packages. I tried google and found that to enable EPEL and REMI repository to install remaining php extensions. But neither of the attempts […]