August 2020
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NGINX : Installing SSL certificate

How do I install SSL certificate on NGINX Webserver. NGINX is most popular for hosting rails applications as well as used for fast http server for serving streaming videos and images.

Here are the steps to install Godaddy SSL certificate on Nginx server.

First you need to concatenate the both certificate and godaddy CA […]

Bash : Find the MX records details of a domain name from a file list

Prior to setup a Namse server setup using powerDNS. I want to know whether the domain names are using any external smtp servers or Not. It’s because, If they are using external smtp, I need to contact those customer as well as create the DNS, MX records ass well.


I have given a […]

PHP – How do I enable IDN library support in Curl

While on migrating a server to AWS platform, DevOPs complaint me that they are been used a a graph which will shows a graph based on the Google analytics data was not working on the new server. Based on the earlier requirement given by them was enable “Openssl” support on curl in order to work. […]

Glassfish 3 : There is a process already using the admin port 4848

When I migrated my glassfish server to new server I got the flowing error.

[root@QA02]# /var/glassfish-QA/bin/asadmin start-domain domain1 There is a process already using the admin port 4848 — it probably is another instance of a GlassFish server. Command start-domain failed.

I tried killing all the java process by executing this command “killall -9 java” […]

warning: /etc/hosts.allow, line 109: can’t verify hostname: getaddrinfo

Few of my servers are protected using TCP Wrappers to control the access for security reasons. I have limited the ssh access using this mechanism to certain known IP’s or network ranges. But recently one the user who using 3G connection from a mobile network unable to access my servers as they are using IPv6 […]

Converting putty’s ppk file to SSH2 private keys on Linux

One of the recent challenge was, I need to share server access key to my co-workers for fast switching to servers and don’t wish to share the passwords all the time after the security audit. So I would prefer to share the same key which I used for accessing remote Linux server access from windows […]