November 2020
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Ubuntu 14.04 : Setting up vFTPd server easily

I have an urgent requirement to setup a ftp server on one the Ubuntu desktop for a interim solution. I have installed vsftpd easily using apt command and started it.

root@web-119:/etc/apt# apt-get install vsftpd root@web-119:/etc/apt# netstat -anlp | grep "21" tcp        0      0             […]

How do setup Ubuntu local repository or Setting up Ubuntu cache repository

Prior to publish the Ubuntu desktops clones to all users, I need to setup a Ubuntu local repository to minimize the new package installation time as well as Internet bandwidth by setting up a local cache repository.

Earlier in our CentOS distribution, we uses a local repository and update it according the new package releases […]

CentOS : Configure FTP server in 5 minutes

This is fairly very simply to set up using CentOS server. We can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Are you surprised ??

Here we go,

My scenario is showing below

A. My server hosted in Amazon cloud B. Firewall is set to FTP traffic, a. Disable passive mode connectivity, b. FTP port […]

vsftpd: refusing to run with writable root inside chroot()

Recently I had to install Ubuntu Server 13.04 on a hardware since none of the other operating systems support this hardware. I got this error “vsftpd: refusing to run with writable root inside chroot()” when I’m trying to connect a user ftp account and connection does not established.

Google showing lots of threads having […]

How do I create read only and full access FTP users on Plesk

Today I had a requirement to provide a ftp space for sharing csv feed to other third party to pull the data from one of our server. At the same time our custom program can able to upload the data to the same area on a daily basis. Client has a dedicated Plesk server and […]

Automating sFTP download and email alert upon file changes

Here I got a requirement to automate the download which using sftp account with custom ports. This account doesn’t not have any ssh access enabled.

This script can have the following features,

1. Synchronize the remote sftp location to local path 2. Can configure sftp custom port 3. An email alert will send to […]