December 2020
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Install, configure and launch application on Jboss server.

I had an opportunity to setup a Jboss server for client to complete the dev. activities. I had any previous experience with Jboss even though just had hosted Opentaps few years before.

1. Where do I get Jboss installer file.

You may need to open an account with Jboss portal to download the latest […]

Disable Nagios notification for a Time period

Yeaah it’s another jobs comes from my curiosity as I need nagios notification disable while I’m running a backup.

In my case I would need to take a database backup from a MySql slave. This slave is already added in Nagios monitoring system as well as this system watching the binary log position of both […]

How to block facebook videos

Many of users are spending much more time to find the friends secrets and updates by searching something published in Facebook from their side. FB is operating transparent mode which would help to identify any changes made by the user profile to be updated/shown in public/friends network automatically by default. 85% ppls doesn’t aware about […]

How do I verify UDP port is open or not

This is very rare scenario, you need to verify the status of udp service running on the port. I found this tricks will helpful if you are trying to verify NTP server availability or VPN server presence.

Eg: nmap -p [port] -sU -P0 [host name | ip address]

a. For verify the NTP server is […]

How to setup customize nagios servers for different clients


This is my basic idea about controlled, manageable and isolated nagios interface for different client using a nagios server. Infra structures. 1. 2 windows servers ( nagios host) a. install nsclient application from and enable nrpe/nsclient except wmichecks. “allowed_hosts= b, If you are enabled windows firewall, pls open the port 5666 and 12489 […]