November 2020
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Funny hacks which observed recently

I had two incidents those are reporting some malfunction with their platform. The best one which I found that a Google App account hack.

Incident A

Once customer complaint that he does NOT receiving any emails on his Google account even though he could able to login and send emails from the web interface […]

Magento install : Unknown cipher in list: TLSv1

While I’m trying to install a Marketplace extension in freshly installed Magento (1.9.2) I got the following error,

This is due to this package installer always trying to connect it’s package store over ssl area where tls encryption is enabled. So this is not work with our marketplace store which does not support […]

PHP Warning: require_once(): Unable to allocate memory for pool

After enabling APC cache on one of the WordPress hosting, I got such errors displayed in application area.After the first lokk, it’s been identified that it is something related to memory pool allocation towards the application area.

What I found was,

I had set apc.shm_size to it’s default value 32Mb which will be filled up […]

NGINX : Installing SSL certificate

How do I install SSL certificate on NGINX Webserver. NGINX is most popular for hosting rails applications as well as used for fast http server for serving streaming videos and images.

Here are the steps to install Godaddy SSL certificate on Nginx server.

First you need to concatenate the both certificate and godaddy CA […]

Ngnix webserver :- Php – CodeIgniter hosting

I had to deploy one php site on Rails server to setup admin UI for a mobile application. This is the first time I’m using Ngnix for hosting PHP application.

After few usual Google I got the fix. Adding this line try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php; in virtual hosting area did the trick.

How […]

PHP – How do I enable IDN library support in Curl

While on migrating a server to AWS platform, DevOPs complaint me that they are been used a a graph which will shows a graph based on the Google analytics data was not working on the new server. Based on the earlier requirement given by them was enable “Openssl” support on curl in order to work. […]