September 2020
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Setting up mulitple LAMP environment or Custom Apache-PHP installation from source

This week one of php dev. needs to setup two php version runs on his computer through he assigned to work both on older and newer version of php framework. Newer framework requires php 5.3 installed and we can not assign new system for this requirement.

Existing environment are OS : CentOS 5.5 PHP : […]

Apache : Forcing all url to https on www domain

One of the client purchased the SSL certificate (Secure Site with EV) from Unfortunately this certificate can protect the only the “www” domain name unlike other CA authorities ie Most of the CA authorites providing standard SSL certificate with “www” prefix along with their domain name. So that we can protect and […]

Installing php-mcrypt on CentOS 6

How do I install php-mcrypt module in Centos 6 ?

I did install it many times on CentOS 5 x86_64 platform using yum. This time my platform is little different and my vendors does support php-mcrypt package on their repository.

Identifying OS platform

[root@sandbox installation]# cat /etc/issue Scientific Linux release 6.2 (Carbon)

I did add […]

Boosting site performance using Nginx, Php-FPM and APC

Earlier I had tried to boost the php based web application using Nginx weberver using php-cgi module. It’s also showing better performance compare to older Apache-Php module.

Ngnix is the fastest http server and we are using the power of cgi scripts to boost the php compilation speed. Obviously the combination of Nginx+ php-cgi […]

CodeIgniter – No input file specified error

Sometimes you may get this error when you switch the web server API module to CGI/FastCGI. I got this error during the site migration time.

Quick fix for this error is, add a “?” append to index.php which written in .htaccess file.

The new .htaccess file part will looks like,

 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f […]

How do I run php on Java hosting environment

I got a requirement to run a php chat software running under java hosting environment.

What my server configuration is,

Primary web server : Apache with Mod_ajp connector running on port 80 Java application server : tomcat running on port 8080

So I want to install php application like this

There is a two […]