September 2020
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How do setup Ubuntu local repository or Setting up Ubuntu cache repository

Prior to publish the Ubuntu desktops clones to all users, I need to setup a Ubuntu local repository to minimize the new package installation time as well as Internet bandwidth by setting up a local cache repository.

Earlier in our CentOS distribution, we uses a local repository and update it according the new package releases […]

Lightsquid : Monitoring SQUID users

Recently I was trying to use pfesence which would more easy to configure and does support transparent squid proxy. I had tried to setup different time slot to different group with different categories to set some policy to access internet. But I got fewer luck and seems that the access list we set earlier was […]

Squid : Limiting access to a website, IP and certain domains

My requirement is to block certain websites to all users except for certain ips.

My SQUID server is running on transparent mode which is redirected all the http requests to this proxy server using IPTABLES. I spent about 3 hours to Google and testing to make it working.

This SQUID transparent proxy does have […]

How to hide the Squid infomation from error pages

We need to add the following lines on squid error pages. Error pages are found under ” etc/squid/errors” directory. Just we need to customize the error to be shown and just add the line ” <!– Generated by %s –>” included in it.

[root@rc-009 errors]# pwd /etc/squid/errors [root@rc-009 errors]# vi ERR_ACCESS_DENIED Sample entry is " […]