November 2020
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How do I re-new code signing Certificate, extracting private key from .pfx

I had a requirement to re-new code signing certificate for a project which is using a MS window client application. Certificate renewal procedure was simple since GOdaddy support previous used CSR for renewing the SSL. So I could able to complete process and got the certificate downloaded.

While I’m opening the Cert zip file, I […]

How to check SSL validity period

Most of the time once you completed the new SSL installation, you may needed to verify whether the install was success or not even though webserver does not shows any error after the service restart.

I installed many SSL and most of the time clients want to verify the install twice by me or we […]

VNC Viewer error : No Matching security types

We are trying to access a Ubuntu system over the remote desktop connectivity for a long hours. We can able to connect/access Remote desktop from Ubuntu to Ubuntu. But neither windows or any other VNC viewer from other OS. We needed to access Ubuntu Desktop remotely from any system.

How do I enable Remote […]

Glassfish 3 :- Force redirect all the http requests to https

While I’ve been migrating one jsf2 application to the latest version Glassfish3, I need forcefully re-direct all the http requests to https. It’s easy to achieve the same(ie force to https) very easily on earlier Glassfish version which can be done it by simply put a tick on the “SSL enabled” option under “http-lister-1”.

But […]

Installing UCC SSL certificates on diff. WHM/Cpanel

Here is the scenario,

I need to install UCC ssl certificate on my secondary server. Pls note that I’m going to install it on different server other than where primary domain UCC SSL installed. Both server having WHM/Cpanel installed.

1.You need to buy new IP for SSL and bind it with the Cpanel account created […]