December 2020
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Mutt : Emails are not sending from user account

Recent I had switched a script which was running from the root account to normal user account for audit purpose. But it is noticed that script is not sending email which use “mutt” commandline MUA program. I have checked email server log and nothing found useful out there. Also I noticed that email from address […]

SSH service fails to restart , Not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers

Recently I have created a new user in one of my linux server and try to verify the credentials over ssh . But I used to get ” Permission denied” message even though verified the credentails from the local login itself. So it is something like weird situation and seeing the first time in my […]

Installing redis on CentOS6 / RHEL6 server

Redis is what is called a key-value store, often referred to as a NoSQL database. The essence of a key-value store is the ability to store some data, called a value, inside a key. This data can later be retrieved only if we know the exact key used to store it. We can use the […]

How do I upgrade the Ghostscript to the latest in Amazon EC2

The default GhostScript version which come up with Amazon EC2 was 8.6 and certain functionalities will not work on it. So I got a request to up-grade the version to 9.16 which is the latest march 2015 build. Installation is pretty simple. You may follow the below command execution to get it,

[root@Web01 ~]#wget […]

Amazon Loadbalencer SSL install errors : java.lang.ClassCastException

SSL has expired on of the client server on today which is running in AWS cloud. I uses Elastic loadbalencer to manage the SSL acceleration of my platform. Once I have issued the SSL at CA and apply the newly downloaded certificate on loadbalener, it’s throws me some strange errors which I do not understood.


SEVERE: GRIZZLY0039: Request URI is too large.

I got such error in my Glassfish web server version Build 5. It appears that Size of the buffer to be provided for input streams created by a network listener that uses this transport need to be extended. It’s default value is 8MB and Here I’m increased it to 10MB to fix this issue.