July 2020
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Enabling Wifi-Mobile connectivity on Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop

I wish to try Ubuntu latest edition as I feel it’s a good platform to probe most of my hardware without any much suffering. I had tried CentOS [My favorite Linux] for few years. But it does not take my Wi-fi as I’ve no other choice to have internet connection at home.

Also my […]

Bandwidthd : Collecting traffic statistics

An add-on to Pfesence, I’m taking this out to install on my squid transparent router for collecting cumulative bandwidth report.

BandwidthD tracks usage of TCP/IP network subnets and builds html files with graphs to display utilization and will be one of the good traffic visual analyzer like Cacti does which collect the statistics data from […]

Lightsquid : Monitoring SQUID users

Recently I was trying to use pfesence which would more easy to configure and does support transparent squid proxy. I had tried to setup different time slot to different group with different categories to set some policy to access internet. But I got fewer luck and seems that the access list we set earlier was […]

Running SQUID without caching

This scenario would help you, if you have site which periodically updating like changing css, html , java scripts etc . Especially very useful while your are using internet for software development purpose.

Since the steps are different as the few older version squid version doesn’t support it

# squid -v

[root@rc-009 ~]# squid -v […]