August 2020
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Apache : proxy: HTTP: disabled connection for,Permission denied: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to

I’m setting up GitLab for one of my friend on CentOS 6.5 Server. Installations are went through smoothly and I could able to run gitlab service. But it does not showing up on GitLab site over Apache portal and displaying “503 “Service temporarily unavailable” error in Firefox.

After analyzing Apache logs (/var/log/httpd/error) I have […]

How do I enable php-pspell extension and verify the install

One of the today’s interesting job is to assit an installation, as one of he DevOPs asked me to enable pspell library support in php. I just imply installed the it using yum command and had verified that it was enabled. But the dev. is unhappy on my approach. So I had to keep both […]

Optimizing Magento hosting and Boosting performance

Recently I had to work with a eCommerce web application which sells products by showing it’s images. This will be hosted on a heavy duty server where there are many admins/suppliers are adding products in back end to this system. This app uses AWS service.

After spending/testing in Goggling few days and hours in […]

Apache Web Server : Disable TRACE or TRACK method

HTTP TRACE / TRACK Methods are enabled by default on all CPanel servers. This may lead debugging functions are enabled on the remote web server and hence an attacker can use this server.

How do I disable it,

If you were using WHM/Cpanel, it can be done through admin UI as shown below,

1. […]

Creating keystore file from Private key and Certificate file

There will some rare case you may need to generate keystore from Private Key file associated with Certificate file in PEM format. Scenario is moving a website from Apache to Java application server.

My requirement is , client gave PEM file to generate keystore file to configure SSL for Glassfish server.

Solution : Here […]

Whm/Cpanel : Adding new PHP handler in Apache

One of my client have a server which all the php files are used in diff. file extension . Eg they uses a file testphp.sec to run php script. This file is containing pure php codes but named in different manner to interpret they are using different platform.

Sometimes it might be help to avoid […]