September 2020
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Apache – Mod-jk : How to limit the url access to certain IP’s

One of the client needs to limit the application admin area to certain ips’ that he suppose to be used. He uses JAVA application in Linux server.

System settings are, a. Apache Webserver [frontend] b. Mod-jk ( AJP connector to tomcat) c. Tomcat Java application server.

In this mixed settings .httacess will not work till […]

Installing Guacamole ( Web based HTML 5 RDP Client) from source

Guacamole is getting most popular nowdays since it can be integrated to any of the programming language to access the remote servers either over the RDP protocol or VNC protocol without proving users to login credentials. I see it’s a first initiate of such solution ie HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop

Role of Guacomole I see […]

Setting up mulitple LAMP environment or Custom Apache-PHP installation from source

This week one of php dev. needs to setup two php version runs on his computer through he assigned to work both on older and newer version of php framework. Newer framework requires php 5.3 installed and we can not assign new system for this requirement.

Existing environment are OS : CentOS 5.5 PHP : […]

AWS : Streaming Project [Adobe FMS server] Network Diagram


I’m sharing the network diagram of a streaming Project which I had wored recently using Adobe AWS streaming service. We uses auto-scale enabled EC2 instance and all the videos (both uploaded and recorded) are moved back to Adobe FMS dedicated server(x1.large). Pls note that we have customized the adobe FMS server which subscribed […]

Apache : Forcing all url to https on www domain

One of the client purchased the SSL certificate (Secure Site with EV) from Unfortunately this certificate can protect the only the “www” domain name unlike other CA authorities ie Most of the CA authorites providing standard SSL certificate with “www” prefix along with their domain name. So that we can protect and […]

Subversion : Removing uncommitted transactions

One of the projects badly affected by the following errors and user requested us to re-load the new repository with latest code they have. After spending some time in net, it’s is identified that there are lots of uncommitted transaction logs are occurred in svn repository. This cause svn stops to execute any further commits […]