December 2020
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How to change default JMS port on Glassfish server

Yesterday I was doing a task to fecilitate another Glassfish instance on the same IP but on using different port. I have modified all the ports those are mentioned specifically in domain.xml file. But yo u remember, I have another Glassfish server installed on the same hosting using default port values. While I’m verifying the […]

How to delete the PU protocol from Glassfish 3

I have created PU protocol on Glassfish server in order to serving SSL pages forcefully. The main issue is this is the only way to redirect all the non-http requests to https. I did not find any other option for ‘SSL forcing’ in Glassfish 3 version. But here I want to get the same domain.xml […]

How to create keystore/jks file from SSL certifcate and Private key

Recently I had a challenge to install SSL certificate on Java based web server. The customer has certificate file, CA bundle and private key file. During the Googling it is found that we can not generate JKS file directly from the given certificate and private key file. JKS/keypair creation procedure are showing below,

1. Generate […]

Glassfish 3 : There is a process already using the admin port 4848

When I migrated my glassfish server to new server I got the flowing error.

[root@QA02]# /var/glassfish-QA/bin/asadmin start-domain domain1 There is a process already using the admin port 4848 — it probably is another instance of a GlassFish server. Command start-domain failed.

I tried killing all the java process by executing this command “killall -9 java” […]

Running multiple Glassfish instances in a server

One of the client to want to use 3 Glassfish environment for his Dev,QA and UAT purpose. He does not wish to pay separate servers for these low priority application roles.

System requirements

1. Have more RAM (16GB is fine) and medium computing power 2. 3 static IP for 3 environments 3. Glassfish installation.


Running Glassfish as Windows Service

I have a requirement to run J2EE server Glassfish on Windows er server which I need to start at windows booting time. So I’m searching for a way to run it as window service. So that I can start and stop it at any time. After had few searches,I found something complicated from Oracle site […]