November 2020
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IIS: Renewing SSL certificate from .crt and private key file

One of the client migrated a domain to Windows server to Linux which was using a Godaddy UCC certificate.This certificate expired and i have renewed the SSL as most the other domains listed in it hosting on Linux server without using new CSR request. I have download the certificate suitable for IIS from Godaddy account. […]

IIS not showing welcome page

Today I got a whired windows server 2008 to setup web and FTP. I did complete the FTP setup quickly. Then prepared a website easily and have a quick testing prior to the deliver. I should expect my landing page out there. But the things happens is ” none of the web server can’t identify […]

ASP.NET is not authorized to access the requested resource

I got this error from one of my client’s server while the file is being download through the function. It’s showing that application error on browser even through I can download it using the url.

Access to the path ‘D:FTPLocalUseruserwcmscsvkeyservice.csv’ is denied.

I added “network and network service” group to have full access to […]

Migrating SSL certificates IIS to Apache and vice versa

I’m going to migrate one windows server running on some php sites which using ssl certificates to WHM/cpanel installed linux server. During the time I need to be site alive during the migration time ( Zero downtime).

For this,

A, I have enabled database remote access from the older server to new hosting network to […]

Installing same UCC SSL certificate on both Linux and Windows

I have a Godaddy UCC certificate which having 5 domain included. All of the domains are hosted on my WHM/Cpanel Linux server except one it intend to install on Windows 2008 IIS7 server.

This is the first time I have attempt to install it same cert in differ os. There is two steps.

1. We […]

Running PHP+MSSQL on IIS

Recently I got a requirement to run a php application which is using MSSQL extension. I have done to configure IIS to work with Php files and enabled MSSQL extensions on PHP. But the real thing is that I had not luck with able to run the site. Got the error “canot establish the database […]