November 2020
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Nginx Error : 413 Request Entity Too Large

The Web server (running the Web site) thinks that the HTTP data stream sent by the client (e.g. your Web browser or something you feed in application) was simply too large i.e. too many bytes than normal. What constitutes ‘too many bytes‘ depends partly upon the operation being attempted. For example a request to upload […]

Secure your NGNIX hosting along with SEO tips

Now most of the rails applications as well as php sites are moving to Nginx server due to it’s light weight and fast page loading features. Recently I had launched a php application application on Nginx web server.

SEO recommended webserver settings

1. Create appropriate file having the entries for robot.txt and sitemap.xml

2. URL […]

NGINX : www redirection

Here are the simple Nginx rewrite rule to redirect all non www traffic to www domain.

# enforce www (exclude certain subdomains) #if ($host !~* ^(www|subdomain)) #{ #   rewrite ^/(.*)$ $scheme://www.$host/$1 permanent; #}

I took it from here as I see it’s the first blog I see the most of theNginx re-write rules.

NGINX : Installing SSL certificate

How do I install SSL certificate on NGINX Webserver. NGINX is most popular for hosting rails applications as well as used for fast http server for serving streaming videos and images.

Here are the steps to install Godaddy SSL certificate on Nginx server.

First you need to concatenate the both certificate and godaddy CA […]

Ngnix webserver :- Php – CodeIgniter hosting

I had to deploy one php site on Rails server to setup admin UI for a mobile application. This is the first time I’m using Ngnix for hosting PHP application.

After few usual Google I got the fix. Adding this line try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php; in virtual hosting area did the trick.

How […]

Boosting site performance using Nginx, Php-FPM and APC

Earlier I had tried to boost the php based web application using Nginx weberver using php-cgi module. It’s also showing better performance compare to older Apache-Php module.

Ngnix is the fastest http server and we are using the power of cgi scripts to boost the php compilation speed. Obviously the combination of Nginx+ php-cgi […]