August 2020
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How to force non http request to https using .htaccess

I had a very busy life schedule and so has limited time for improving knowledge session. Here what I’m found useful if you have a need of protecting a website over SSL.

The following rules can serve two purpose,

1. It will re-direct all the non http traffic to https by appending www prefix ( […]

How do I install/uninstall External php extensions in WHM/Cpanel server

I had requested to enable FileInfo php extension in one of the production server. What I know to solve this issue was recompile the php using EasyApache. Even though I can able to enable this extension using this mechanism, it takes lot of time and may be conflict with other php packages sometimes.

After having […]

Secure your NGNIX hosting along with SEO tips

Now most of the rails applications as well as php sites are moving to Nginx server due to it’s light weight and fast page loading features. Recently I had launched a php application application on Nginx web server.

SEO recommended webserver settings

1. Create appropriate file having the entries for robot.txt and sitemap.xml

2. URL […]

How do I install mod_jk on Apache 2.4 webserver

Today I got a task to host java application on a AWS Linux server. While I’m installing Apache, I found that Apache 2.2 is outdated and it does not have capabilities binding multiple SSL in a single elastic IP ( My projects having 4 SSL sites) and hence I can not use Apache 2.2 on […]

How do I disable RC4 cipher in Apache/ disable RC4 cipher in Amazon load balencer

One of the site security scan report shows me that our webserver has vulnerabilities as it is supporting RC4 cipher in SSL/TLS encryption. So I need to disable it. Google shows me few links how to do it and i’d done it one webservers easily. But still I’m getting same report. I’m running my projects […]

How to check SSL validity period

Most of the time once you completed the new SSL installation, you may needed to verify whether the install was success or not even though webserver does not shows any error after the service restart.

I installed many SSL and most of the time clients want to verify the install twice by me or we […]