December 2020
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How to create keystore/jks file from SSL certifcate and Private key

Recently I had a challenge to install SSL certificate on Java based web server. The customer has certificate file, CA bundle and private key file. During the Googling it is found that we can not generate JKS file directly from the given certificate and private key file. JKS/keypair creation procedure are showing below,

1. Generate […]

How do I install mod_jk on Apache 2.4 webserver

Today I got a task to host java application on a AWS Linux server. While I’m installing Apache, I found that Apache 2.2 is outdated and it does not have capabilities binding multiple SSL in a single elastic IP ( My projects having 4 SSL sites) and hence I can not use Apache 2.2 on […]

JVM Monitoring tool : JTop

Here another informative software tool for monitoring JVM statistics using JDK tools. We can get it from demo folder in JDK bundle (C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_14\demo\management).This is the nice tool I found to monitor and identify the JVM threshold value on peak hours.

How to launch JTop

 Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft […]

Creating keystore file from Private key and Certificate file

There will some rare case you may need to generate keystore from Private Key file associated with Certificate file in PEM format. Scenario is moving a website from Apache to Java application server.

My requirement is , client gave PEM file to generate keystore file to configure SSL for Glassfish server.

Solution : Here […]

Apache – Mod-jk : How to limit the url access to certain IP’s

One of the client needs to limit the application admin area to certain ips’ that he suppose to be used. He uses JAVA application in Linux server.

System settings are, a. Apache Webserver [frontend] b. Mod-jk ( AJP connector to tomcat) c. Tomcat Java application server.

In this mixed settings .httacess will not work till […]

Installing Guacamole ( Web based HTML 5 RDP Client) from source

Guacamole is getting most popular nowdays since it can be integrated to any of the programming language to access the remote servers either over the RDP protocol or VNC protocol without proving users to login credentials. I see it’s a first initiate of such solution ie HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop

Role of Guacomole I see […]