November 2020
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web-based MS SQL administration tool for MSSQL server 2012

While I’m setting up a Windows 2012 server for a small .Net project, I have a need of providing MSSQL server 2012 Express access to Developers. Following are the options normally a admin will do,

1. Create a normal user having Remote Desktop access and provide SQL user account. 2. Open Remote MSSQL server access […]

Simple file backup script for Windows

Here is a tiny backup script for daily file backup in a windows environment for a small project. This script zip the folders those are to be backed and renamed it in a dated manner. Also this script will delete the old backup as well. Here I’m using 30 days retention period for this server. […]

ERROR 2049 (HY000): Connection using old (pre-4.1.1) authentication protocol

While I’m accessing MySQL server 5.5 remotely from a windows server which was MySQL 5.6 libraries installed, I got the following errors.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>mysql -h -ureadusr -p Enter password: ************ ERROR 2049 (HY000): Connection using old (pre-4.1.1) authentication protocol ref used (client option ‘secure_auth’ enabled)

How do I skip this error and able […]

Configuring reverse proxy on IIS7

One of my task requires to publish a web application which running on a diff. port need to be accessed from outside but securely. Most of the people simply open the application port added in firewall to get this done. Unfortunately my requirement does not allow to do that.

So I need to use […]

Google Apps v/s : Get 500 mails box free


Recently I came to know that MicroSoft start to offering free email related services for a domain with free of cost. The same way that Google had launched “Google Apps” which was free to 250 emails at initial time. But now Google completely stopped that service 🙂 when Microsoft started 🙂 ..

However […]

Integrating LDAP authentication on OpenVPN server

This post is useful for those who wish to integrate OpenVPN user login based on the active directory users. We can manage VPN users through the domain controller easily. configuration steps are very easy and can be done it in 2-3 hours.


1. OpenVPN server having 2 user license is fine. 2. Windows […]