July 2020
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How to enable PHP work with Apache on 64 bit Windows 2008 server

It’s something really annoying you that when you are doing a same job which fairly easy, but got stuck at the same point again and again. Also the same time you forget how you had solved it on last time.

Making you really frustrating and impatient while you are troubleshooting with. The best resolution […]

IIS not showing welcome page

Today I got a whired windows server 2008 to setup web and FTP. I did complete the FTP setup quickly. Then prepared a website easily and have a quick testing prior to the deliver. I should expect my landing page out there. But the things happens is ” none of the web server can’t identify […]

ASP.NET is not authorized to access the requested resource

I got this error from one of my client’s server while the file is being download through the function. It’s showing that application error on browser even through I can download it using the url.

Access to the path ‘D:FTPLocalUseruserwcmscsvkeyservice.csv’ is denied.

I added “network and network service” group to have full access to […]

Migrating SSL certificates IIS to Apache and vice versa

I’m going to migrate one windows server running on some php sites which using ssl certificates to WHM/cpanel installed linux server. During the time I need to be site alive during the migration time ( Zero downtime).

For this,

A, I have enabled database remote access from the older server to new hosting network to […]

Spell checking issue : Changing dictionary type in Outlook Express

My outlook express is using French dictionary !! seems strange:(. So I need to change the dictionary type and unfortunately I didn’t find any other English dictionary from the combo box.

Installing this application would work to change your dictionary to English. You may download the installs from here

Now I can use […]

Installing same UCC SSL certificate on both Linux and Windows

I have a Godaddy UCC certificate which having 5 domain included. All of the domains are hosted on my WHM/Cpanel Linux server except one it intend to install on Windows 2008 IIS7 server.

This is the first time I have attempt to install it same cert in differ os. There is two steps.

1. We […]