August 2020
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Running PHP+MSSQL on IIS

Recently I got a requirement to run a php application which is using MSSQL extension. I have done to configure IIS to work with Php files and enabled MSSQL extensions on PHP. But the real thing is that I had not luck with able to run the site. Got the error “canot establish the database […]

How do I convert .htaccess file to web.config

I have a requirement to re-define the apache re-write rule to IIS knowing language using web.xml on Windows 2008 server. There is one easy trick to achieve this.

Basic operations are,

1. Install Mod Rewrite component on II7 2. Create a website on IIS and import the .httaccess file

1. Installing Mod Rewrite Module

Download […]

Godaddy : Setting php varibles on IIS7 hosting

Yesterday I had requirement to change/modify certain php variable in Godaddy’s windows hosting. As far as familiar with Godaddy Linux hosting I know the both “php5.ini” file would work for the all the shared hosting. After modifying(created new file and aded entries) the php5.ini, the codignater site(which using php mssql extension) began to stop working.


Amazon : Configuring software RAID 0 on Windows 2008

One of my Amazon client demands that he wants to use the large instance (ephemeral) storage and should be boosted to get the maximum preformance on disk I/O operations.

Basically instance storage in Windows AMI can be enable only by starting the instance from the command line. Now my two of 420GB drives are […]

How to serve .flv file on IIS

I’m using Windows 2003 server.

Adding .flv MIME type in IIS

1) Select the site to configure in IIS, right click and select “Properties” 2) Under HTTP Headers Tab, select “File Types” under the MIME Map section and select “New Type” 3) Type “.flv” as the associated extension and “video/x-flv” as the content type. 4) […]

Configure relay SMTP server on Windows 2008

I have a Windows 2008 server and installed Apache as web server for my php projects. Some application uses email functionality to send subscriptions email and welcome mails.

But the default server configuration did not send the email from the server even though I installed SMTP service integrated with the server.

You may need to […]