November 2020
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How to pull single table data from full database backup file.

At some time, you would ask to restore a particular table from a full backup. So you have to follow the below steps. 1. Request backup team to provide the backup 2. Decompress the backup. 3. Move the file to target server. 4. Restore entire backup which take long time based of the volume. 5. […]

IPtables : Blocking bots/spam attack based on the Log file output

Recently I had a client who wants to move more than 300 domains hosted servers to AWS server. His application uses a product which can serve multiple domains based on the request. After a successful migration, Im noticed that web server is hitting badly and causing server load to become high most of the time. […]

Bash : Find the MX records details of a domain name from a file list

Prior to setup a Namse server setup using powerDNS. I want to know whether the domain names are using any external smtp servers or Not. It’s because, If they are using external smtp, I need to contact those customer as well as create the DNS, MX records ass well.


I have given a […]

How do I terminate all the user process

One the user account in a Cpanel account showing errors “fork: Unable to fork new process” while the user is try to access his shell.

it’s because there would be set a shell session limit for each users in Whm/Cpanel account. on my scenario, it uses suphp in Apache settings and apache uses user […]

make error : undefined reference to `rpl_malloc’

I’m trying to install guacd [ one of the essential component which will act as reverse proxy in between web service and RDP/VNC protocol for Guacamole HTML 5 web based RD client.

/home/installation/guacamole/guacd-0.7.0/src/daemon.c:204: undefined reference to `rpl_malloc’ /home/installation/guacamole/guacd-0.7.0/src/daemon.c:210: undefined reference to `rpl_malloc’ /home/installation/guacamole/guacd-0.7.0/src/ink-0.5.1/ink.c:157: undefined reference to `rpl_malloc’ collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** […]

Running a script under user environment on booting.

How do I run a script under a user environment at every time system booted.

Senario : I want to synchronize the files from a remote ftp location each time new instance created through AWS auto scaling. I uses lftp command and using mirror option to sync. the files. Why I’m doing such sync […]