September 2020
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MySQL Slow query log : Automated email alert system

One the client wish to track down the all the issues which affect the performance of busy MySQL database server including slow log query. The practical issue i,

a. slow query log file will be grown up more than one GB in a week time. b. Dev. team does not have access this DB […]

java.sql.SQLException: Column count of mysql.proc is wrong.

I got this error on Tomcat error log while after I switched the server whcih is installed with MySQL latest version. I used full backup using mysqldump to restore the data. This was the issue I think since new mysql version have diff. table structure in mysql database or changes in engine level.

The error […]

mysqldump: Got error: 1556: You can’t use locks with log tables

I got the mysql error 1556 when I was backing up all the database from a remote mysql server (Amazon RDS )using a script.

mysqldump: Got error: 1556: You can’t use locks with log tables. when using LOCK TABLES

Solution :

You may need to disable “–lock-tables” option on your dump statement ie –lock-tables=0 […]

Mysql Unknown table engine ‘InnoDB’ when using LOCK TABLES

Today I got an error when I try to backup all the databases from mysql. Surprisingly this error does not contain any database name and so I could not identify which database causing this issue. So that I start backing up each database separately and identify the database causing the issue.

Then I start to […]

FTP enabled MySQL backup script

This is a small script which would help you to setup automated offshore database backup. This script will do the following things,

1. Send email alert once the ftp connection fails. I uses the third party program “SendEmail” to do this. 2. Take the full database backup. 3. Retain recent coy on local disk. 4. […]

InnoDB: Unable to find the AUTOINC column id in the InnoDB table

I got an error when I dump a database backup from a mission critical server. It’s shows the following error on the console even though my application working fine with this database. I googled lots of the forum and blog to get it solved. Most of the forum lead me to adjust the mysql variable […]