November 2020
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How do I enable TLS on postfix mail server

One of the clients complaints me that they are getting warning on the email those sent to domain. They are using 25 smtp port to send email using sql based mail server. So anybody in between the network can tap the email content since it been send through non-encrypted emails.

So my plan […]

Mutt : Emails are not sending from user account

Recent I had switched a script which was running from the root account to normal user account for audit purpose. But it is noticed that script is not sending email which use “mutt” commandline MUA program. I have checked email server log and nothing found useful out there. Also I noticed that email from address […]

Configure Postfix relay server using Amazon SES

Recently I had a requirement to provide a which sent from a server should be reached in user INBOX. certain emails were not been go through the Google App email list. As far as I can see that, the application uses standalone smtp installed on the hosted server which ip/network was not been added in […]

Enabling multiple SMTP ports on Postfix email server

One of my friends who working on a persoanl project have the issue with sending email from his home internet connection. Most of the ISP’s will block the external/outbound access towards the smtp port[25] in their firewall to avoid spamming and increase the IP reputation of their network.

Even though it is a good […]

Verifying the Email server reputation : RDNS, SPF and DKIM Keys

Recently I’d setup a bulk email server using Postfix MTA and optimize the postfix variables for huge email delivery. I uses sql based database for storing smtp logins. So that we can use this server to send bulk email from anywhere like does. My Major setup including the following area,

1. SQL based […]