November 2020
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How to force non http request to https using .htaccess

I had a very busy life schedule and so has limited time for improving knowledge session. Here what I’m found useful if you have a need of protecting a website over SSL.

The following rules can serve two purpose,

1. It will re-direct all the non http traffic to https by appending www prefix ( […]

How to check SSL validity period

Most of the time once you completed the new SSL installation, you may needed to verify whether the install was success or not even though webserver does not shows any error after the service restart.

I installed many SSL and most of the time clients want to verify the install twice by me or we […]

Godaddy SHA-2 SSL : 400 MalformedCertificate Invalid Public Key Certificate

Recent I had provided an SHA-2 SSLfor installing it on Amazon Loadbalencer. While I’m trying to copy and paste the content of both Private Key and Public Key along with CA bundle certificate, It shows “Invalid Public Key Certificate” 🙁

After few searching over Google I seen that many of the them are experiencing […]

IIS: Renewing SSL certificate from .crt and private key file

One of the client migrated a domain to Windows server to Linux which was using a Godaddy UCC certificate.This certificate expired and i have renewed the SSL as most the other domains listed in it hosting on Linux server without using new CSR request. I have download the certificate suitable for IIS from Godaddy account. […]

Exporting private key Glassfish to Apache

My requirement is One of the java web server running on Glassfish apparently slow while on peak hours and this site has been served all the pages over https as of security concerns. I would like to improve the site performance as well as optimizing the sql query, effective usage of JVM settings close to […]

Installing Apache 1.3 with SSL

Installing Apache with SSL support

1. Download openssl source from 2. untar the source into /usr/local/src 3. cd /usr/local/src/openssl-0.9.7b 4. ./config –prefix=/usr/local/openssl 5. make 6. make install 7. Download apache 1.3.x from 8. untar in /usr/local/src/ 9. Download modssl from 10. untar the source into /usr/local/src 11. cd /usr/local/src/mod_ssl-2.8.14-1.3.27 12. ./configure –with-apache=../apache_1.3.27/ […]